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Fallen Angel Icons

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Just free yourself...
10 April

Hello and WELCOME to my vforvera icon journal!
I decided to transfer my icons to this journal, just because they were cluttering up my personal journal. The name "Fallen Angel" comes from the game, Final Fantasy VIII.
Anyways, I hope you all enjoy the icons.
My old icons were made on Microsoft Paint
I use photoshop 7 and imageready for my icons now, thanks to cdg_icons, but I'm still experimenting and learning, though I've had it for awhile.

This iconjournal is the home to the FIRST Gundam SEED/Destiny iPod character collection.
Here is the link to the first batch of my iPod collection.
Browse through my memories section for all my icon entries.

Like all icon journals, I need to set rules so that people will know how to credit and know that stealing without crediting is a very very bad thing to do.

x] Please don't steal.
x] Credit always! If you take one of my icons and are using it, please credit me. I'd appreciate it very much.
x] Did I mention how bad stealing is? XD
x] Crediting: Credit me in the keywords or comments section of your User Pictures page. For an example of crediting see here.
x] I have a huge thing against people stealing icons and not crediting their makers, but I also understand, that since I'm putting these icons out into the public, anyone has access to them, therefore, I can't stop trolls from being trolls, but I appreciate everyone else for respecting iconmakers and their icons by crediting.
x] Linking: I don't mind if you link directly to the icons, I really don't mind, unless it gets to be a problem, I really won't mind hotlinking to my icons. As of now, you can direct link, but if you don't have to then please don't. Just save it, and then upload it to your photobucket account. If you don't have one, then go create an account here
x] Requests I do take requests, I can't create brushes or anything for you, but if you want specific words on pics for icons etc I can do so without qualms at all ^^
x] Friending: You can definitely friend me as long as you are polite and everything ^_^ I love meeting new people so I won't mind at all. You can friend my icon journal and my own personal journal, vforvera and I won't mind. Just note that I probably won't add you back for the icon journal, since this is just an icon journal, unless you also have an icon journal, I'd gladly add your icon journal ^_^

And of course, I, myself, need to credit people where credit is due.
I must take the time to credit all these lovely people for their help and miscellaneous items.

x] Current Layout Credit: "We Still Believe" Gundam SEED Destiny Banner - Me
x] Past Layouts: 1.)Athrun.x.Kira-Meteor 2.) Nicol's Tears theme wallpaper credit to ASHITSUKI.
x] Animation Credit: I must credit the sweetest person on earth, ego_elite/kimlore. Prior to my obtaining of Photoshop and ImageReady, she's the one that helped me with all the animation in my icons . So I must thank and credit her ^^
x] Icon Image/Pictures Credit: For the majority of my Gundam Seed icons, the screencaps I use are from Gundam Seed Net, a fabulous site to get info and screencaps of GS. I also get screencaps from Meteor and from GundamWingZero, as well as Yzak.nu and Ashitsuki
Then for the Daniel Radcliffe icons, the majority of the images I used are from DanRadcliffe.
For the Hayden Christensen icons, I obtained most of images from Desiring Hayden, an excellent site for all things Hayden.
And for the Final Fantasy VIII icons, I got from my site, but a few are from Rebelling Princess. Also another excellent FFVIII site for screencaps that I go to is Silence and Motion.
x] Colorbar Credits: Images taken from Gundam Seed Net, Meteor, GundamWingZero, Yzak.nu, Ashitsuki, and Defying Gravity
x] Banner Image Credits: "Welcome" banner image credit to Gundam Seed Net. "Rules", "Credits", and "About Me" banner images credit to Meteor, which I then altered on Photoshop or Paint.

If you would like to be affiliated with my icon journal, just comment on one of the entries and I'd be happy to affiliate mine with yours.


Here's a little about me:

I'm known on LJ as vforvera
I'm a huge fanatic of Harry Potter, Final Fantasy VIII, Gundam Seed, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Vic Zhou, Rurouni Kenshin, and Detective Conan, so my icons mainly feature those obsessions of mine ^^.
Some of my friends may say that I'm obsessed with Daniel Radcliffe, Eric Bana, Hugh Jackman, Hayden Christensen, Vic Zhou, but I think I just enjoy looking at their obscenely good looks. ;D
Then there's Squall Leonhart, Kira Yamato, Athrun Zala, Spike Spiegel, Kenshin Himura, Shinichi (Jimmy) Kudo, Vash the Stampede, Nicolas D. Wolfwood, Li Shaoran, Inuyasha, Cloud from FFVII, and Tidus from FFX, that I absolutely love and adore, and if they were alive and real, it'd just be too good to be real XD, (which is exactly why they are not real T_____T)

Current obsessions: Prince of Tennis: awesomely great anime show ... that was a bit redundant, but I can honestly say I don't mind jumping on the bandwagon, if that's how people see it (as I am new to the show) but I was introduced to the show by my good pal ego_elite and well, she got me hooked, what can I say? The plot isn't intense as it just revolves around tennis, but the diverse characters make up for it. They're all so loveable, it's definitely more lighthearted than say anime greats like Cowboy Bebop, but it's definitely one of my current favorite anime shows. I just find it refreshing than the other shows I had been watching and I dunno, maybe it's because this is one of those shows that collects a bunch of hot (drawn) anime guys and puts them into one show for us girls to fangirl over. The protragonist, Ryoma Echizen, is cocky on court, but not so off court, and he has his cute moments, especially when around Takeshi Momoshiro (my fave character in the series). Usually I have problems with arrogant characters, but I dunno, for some reason I have no problem with Ryoma, usually because he can back up his arrogancy with his tennis. Anyways, it' a good show, I can see why it's so popular in Japan.

Past obsessions included: Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny. Yes, I know, Gundam?! why Gundam?! Well, since most Gundam shows are not appealing to me, this is the only Gundam show that has held my interest. Gundam Wing would have been a potential, but it's heyday was back when I was a lowly measley 6th grader who didn't give Gundam the time or day. Anyways I love Cartoon Network's Toonami, so I've been watching devotedly on Saturdays and that's when I noticed that CN aired Gundam Seed on 10:30 and I started to watch it. Slowly but surely (and skeptically) I was beginning to enjoy Gundam Seed and actually trying to follow the complex plot and storyline of the Gundam World. True, there are still some things I don't understand, but I am completely devoted to the show, especially now that stupid CN decided to move it to Saturday mornings at 1:00am. The plot fascinates me and the characters are so compelling and interesting. Everytime I watch an episode I feel drawn to the characters, especially, Kira, Athrun, Cagalli, and Lacus. I think it's the whole friend vs enemy theme that interests me. Anyways, I absolutely adore Kira and Athrun. They're so adorable, guh and so cute ^_^ One of the hottest looking characters in anime since Inuyasha, Spike, Vash and Kenshin. Another past obsession of mine was Hayden Christensen and Squall Leonhart of Final Fantasy VIII, still is actually, but Gundam Seed is dominating right now ^_^

If you all like to have banners to my site here are a few:

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(0.o)    copy the bunny into your info to help
(> <)o  him achieve world domination <---- this is so damn funny XP

......And everything will be alright
alphonse elric, anakin skywalker, anime, art, ashitaka, athrun zala, audrey hepburn, backstreet boys, batman beyond, books, botan, cagalli yula athha, candles, card captor sakura, case closed, chen ling, conan edogawa, cowboy bebop, daniel radcliffe, darius storm, dearka elthman, detective conan, dragon ball z, edward elric, eric bana, fairies, fantasy, final fantasy, final fantasy ix, final fantasy vii: ac, final fantasy viii, final fantasy x, finding nemo, fred and george weasley, friends, full metal alchemist, fullmetal alchemist, fye d. flourite, gregory peck, gryffindor, gundam seed, gundam seed destiny, haku, harry and ginny, harry potter, harry/ginny, hayden christensen, hector, hubb, hugh dancy, hugh jackman, inuyasha, j.k. rowling, j.w. waterhouse, jared padalecki, jimmy kudo, jin, kagome, kaji masaki, kazuma, kenshin, kenshin himura, kiba, kira yamato, kurogane, lacus clyne, li syaoran, ling, luke perry, manga, mars, matthew settle, michelangelo buonarroti, miroku, momoshiro takeshi, movies, mugen, music, mwu la fllaga, nicol amarfi, nicolas d. wolfwood, pixar, pretty in pink, prince of tennis, princess mononoke, prison break, rachel moore, remus lupin, rinoa heartilly, roman holiday, ron weasley, rurouni kenshin, ryoma echizen, ryuhou, s-cry-ed, sakura kinomoto, samurai champloo, sango, scryed, shaoran, shinichi kudo, shippo, shirota yuu, sirius black, sixteen candles, spike, spike spiegel, spirited away, squall leonhart, ssigh argyle, stars, syaoran, tachibana, takeshi momoshiro, tenimyu, terry mcginnis, tezuka kunimitsu, the matrix, tidus, toboe, tom cruise, trigun, troy, tsubasa, tsubasa reservoir chronicle, tsume, vash, vash the stampede, vic zhou, wentworth miller, wolf's rain, x-men, yu yu hakusho, yusuke urameshi, yuu shirota, zai zai

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